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Media violence
Haugen, David M., 1969-
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2009]

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232 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Presents a series of essays with varying viewpoints on the subject of violence in the media. Includes a list of organizations to contact.
Why consider opposing viewpoints? -- Introduction -- Is media violence a serious problem? -- Chapter preface -- Exposure to violence in the media leads to violent behavior / problem of media violence is exaggerated / Video games foster violent behavior / Video games have become a scapegoat for violent behavior / Video games are useful educational tools / lack of moral context in violent movies is harmful / Periodical bibliography -- How should media violence be regulated? -- Chapter preface -- government has the power to regulate violence on television / government should not regulate violence on television / Parents should regulate their children's exposure to violence on television / Parents recognize that regulating violence on television is unnecessary / video game ratings system is an effective regulation / video game ratings system is an ineffective regulation / Periodical bibliography --

What are the effects of violence and suffering in news media reporting? -- Chapter preface -- Watching violent news has harmful effects on children / Media reports of violent crime encourage copycat violent acts / News media should provide a context for the violence they report / Violence in television shows mirrors violence from the news / Periodical bibliography -- Is the Internet a new medium for violence? -- Chapter preface -- Cyberbullying is worse than physical bullying / Cyberbullying is not worse than physical bullying / Internet encourages amateur fight videos / Internet reduces violent criminal behavior / Terrorists are using the Internet to further their violent aims / Periodical bibliography -- For further discussion -- Organizations to contact -- Bibliography of books -- Index.
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