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Presidential powers
Berlatsky, Noah.
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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238 pages ; 23 cm.
Should the president have the power to order torture? Enhanced interrogation helps keep America safe / Richard B. Cheney -- Torture does not make America safer / Alfred W. McCoy -- Executive decisions about torture are morally ambiguous / Ross Douthat -- Executive use of torture shows an unambiguous contempt for the law / Glenn Greenwald -- Torture is sometimes justified / Jonah Goldberg -- Even though torture may be justified sometimes, it should always be illegal / Oren Gross -- How much power should the president have to operate in secret? The state secrets privilege is necessary / Claudio Ochoa -- The state secrets privilege is dangerous / Henry Lanman -- Warrantless wiretapping is necessary and legal / Andrew C. McCarthy -- Warrantless wiretapping is illegal and unconstitutional / Russell Feingold -- To what extent should the president be constrained by domestic law? Signing statements are reasonable in some cases / David Barron ... [et al.] -- The president should not use signing statements / Robert Justin Lipkin -- Congress should expand executive powers to detain and try suspects / Jeffrey Addicott -- Congress should limit executive powers to detain and try suspects / Arlen Specter -- Is the president bound by international law? The president is not bound by the Geneva Conventions in dealing with terrorists / Jay Bybee -- The president is bound by the Geneva Conventions in wartime / Derek Jinks and David Sloss -- Extraordinary rendition violates international law / Sangitha McKenzie Millar -- Rendition does not violate international law / Niles Gardiner and James Jay Carafano -- The president should be held accountable by international courts / Jan Frel -- The president should not be answerable to international law / Andrew C. McCarthy.
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