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Mandatory minimum sentencing
Haerens, Margaret.
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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238 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Does mandatory minimum sentencing alleviate crime? Federally mandated minimum sentences alleviate crime / J. Randy Forbes ; Federally mandated minimum sentences do not alleviate crime / Marc Mauer ; California's "three strikes" law alleviates crime / Naomi Harlin Goodno ; California's "three strikes" law increases violent crime / Ray Fisman ; Mandatory minimum drug sentences help alleviate crime / Jodi L. Avergun ; Mandatory minimum drug sentences are unjust / Patrick Leahy -- Is mandatory minimum sentencing unfair? Mandatory minimum sentencing is unfair / Emily Bazelon ; Mandatory minimum sentencing is fair / Alberto Gonzales ; California's "three strikes" law is fair / Mike Reynolds ; California's "three strikes" law is unfair / Erwin Chemerinsky ; Mandatory minimum sentences for crack cocaine possession are unfair / Eric Holder ; Mandatory minimum sentences for crack cocaine possession are fair / R. Alexander Acosta ; Mandatory minimum sentences for possession of crack cocaine should be decreased / Christopher Moraff ; Mandatory minimum sentences for crack cocaine possession should not be decreased / Chuck Canterbury -- What are the effects of mandatory minimum sentencing? Mandatory minimum sentences discriminate against blacks / Jesselyn McCurdy ; Mandatory minimum sentences do not discriminate against blacks / Heather Mac Donald ; Mandatory minimum drug sentences waste resources / Kevin Zeese ; Mandatory minimum drug sentences protect children / Catherine M. O'Neill ; Mandatory minimum sentences usurp judicial power / Erik Luna ; Mandatory minimum sentences result in prison overcrowding / Judith Greene and Kevin Pranis -- What are some alternatives to mandatory minimum sentencing? Drug court supervision is a viable alternative to mandatory minimum sentences / C. West Huddleston III, Douglas B. Marlowe, and Rachel Casebolt ; Drug court supervision is not a realistic alternative to mandatory minimum sentences / Steven K. Erickson ; The "safety valve" provision should be broadened / The Constitution Project ; Mandatory minimum sentence laws should be repealed / James E. Felman ; Drug treatment programs are a viable alternative to mandatory minimum drug sentences / Justice Policy Institute.
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