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Miller, Debra A.
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press/Gale Cengage Learning, [2010]

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191 pages ; 24 cm.
Is immigration a serious problem in the United States? Poor illegal immigrants are a drain on the U.S. economy / Byron York ; Illegal immigration threatens U.S. security / Tim Kane and Kirk A. Johnson ; Continuing to allow mass legal immigration will exhaust U.S. natural resources / Frosty Wooldridge ; Legal immigration is more of a problem than illegal immigration / Edwin S. Rubenstein ; Both legal and illegal immigrants help the U.S. economy / Alan Greenspan ; Markets solve the immigration "problem" / John Tamny ; Xenophobia is a bigger problem than illegal immigration / Michael Brandon Harris-Peyton ; Most Americans do not view legal immigration as a pressing concern / Pew Research Center for the People & the Press -- Are illegal immigrants treated fairly? Illegal immigrants are often treated more fairly than U.S. citizens / Arlene Jones ; Illegal immigrants have no right to be treated as equals to citizens / Dennis Byrne ; Illegal immigrant workers can be exploited / Jesse Walker ; The increased use of detention as part of U.S. immigration enforcement violates human rights / Amnesty International -- How should the U.S. Government respond to illegal immigration? The United States should adopt a more humane border policy / Border Network for Human Rights, Border Action Network, and U.S.-Mexico Border and Immigration Task Force ; The government should rethink the idea of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants / Bradley Vasoli ; Illegal immigrants should be offered second-class citizenship / Michael Vass ; The U.S. government should prosecute employers who hire illegal immigrants / Eric Von Haessler ; President Barack Obama should focus immigration enforcement on employers and criminals / America's Voice ; The United States should enforce labor rights for illegal immigrants / Bill Ong Hing and David Bacon -- How should U.S. immigration policy be reformed? Congress should stem both illegal and illegal immigration / Federation for American Immigration Reform ; The United States should create more opportunities for legal immigration / Jason L. Riley ; Immigration reform must contain a temporary worker program / Daniel Griswold ; Immigration policy should be overhauled to take national identity seriously / Amy Chua ; The Barack Obama administration should de-emphasize the link between illegal immigrants and terrorists / Tom Barry ; Congress should pass comprehensive immigration reform / Simon Rosenberg ; The Barack Obama administration should forget about comprehensive immigration reform and push reforms one step at a time / Errol Louis.
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