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The armed forces
Gerdes, Louise I., 1953-
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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265 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Using armed forces preemptively is sometimes justified / Karl-Heinz Kamp -- Using armed forces preemptively is never justified / Michael S. Rozeff -- Armed forces are necessary for nation building / Gregory L. Cantwell -- Armed forces should not be responsible for nation building / Peter Allen -- Multilateral military efforts are necessary to end piracy / Michael B. Oren -- Military efforts to contain piracy are unnecessary / David Herbert -- Armed forces play an important role in disaster relief / Derek Reveron -- Training armed forces to quell domestic unrest is troubling / Amy Goodman -- The United States should reinstate the draft / Bill Maxwell -- The United States should not reinstate the draft / Walter Y. Oi -- The role of women in the armed forces should be expanded / Holly Yeager -- Women are not prepared to serve in combat / Kelley Beaucar Vlahos -- U.S. armed forces recruiters meet serious challenges / James Kitfield -- U.S. armed forces recruiting tactics are unethical / Nick Turse -- The United States should prepare its armed forces to fight current conflicts / Robert M. Gates -- The United States should prepare its armed forces for a variety of conflicts / Charles J. Dunlap Jr. -- Private military forces serve an important function / Max Boot -- Private military forces must be made publicly accountable to protect human rights / United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights -- Procurement for the armed forces is corrupt / Robert Higgs -- Weapon systems acquisition reforms will reduce waste / Barack Obama -- Long tours of duty and repeated deployments should be reduced / Gordon Lubold -- Despite long tours of duty, U.S. soldiers are meeting the challenges of war / Anna Mulrine -- The U.S. government should provide better care for its armed forces veterans / Linda Bilmes -- The Veterans Administration provides excellent care for veterans of the armed forces / Michael J. Kussman -- The U.S. military should reconsider the rules of engagement for twenty-first century warfare / Louis V. Netherland -- Selective conscientious objection to military service should be legalized / Gregory D. Foster.

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