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Global warming
Haugen, David M., 1969-
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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249 pages : illustrations, map ; 23 cm.
Is global warming a real phenomenon? Global warming is real / Ben Bova ; Global warming is a myth / Edmund Contoski ; Global warming is a get-rich scam / Michael Reagan ; The media are silencing the views of global warming deniers / Brendan O'Neill ; Science disproves the claims of global warming deniers / Joseph Romm ; The Earth's climate is cooling, not warming / Deroy Murdock -- What causes global warming? Human-produced carbon dioxide contributes to global warming / John W. Farley ; Human-produced carbon dioxide does not contribute significantly to global warming / Roy Spencer ; Melting permafrost contributes to global warming / Steve Connor ; Deforestation contributes to global warming / Daniel Howden ; Livestock agriculture contributes to global warming / Marisa Miller Wolfson -- What is the impact of global warming? Global warming is melting the polar ice caps / Lester R. Brown ; Global warming could not melt the polar ice caps / Jerome J. Schmitt ; Polar bears are threatened by global warming / Kassie Siegel and Brendan Cummings ; It is uncertain whether polar bears are threatened by global warming / Kenneth P. Green ; Global warming will negatively impact human health / Daniel J. Weiss and Robin Pam ; Global warming will lead to fewer human deaths / Bjorn Lomborg -- How can global warming be mitigated? A carbon tax will help curb global warming / Ralph Nader and Toby Heaps ; A cap-and-trade program will help curb global warming / Robert N. Stavins ; Nuclear energy should be part of the solution to curb global warming / Matt Bennett, Rob Keast, and John Dyson ; Nuclear energy should not be part of the solution to curb global warming / Mark Hertsgaard ; Renewable energies can help curb global warming / Matthew Rothschild ; Renewable energies are not a practical solution to global warming / Jesse H. Ausubel ; The anti-global warming movement needs more political clout / Joel Bleifuss.
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