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Medical ethics
Merino, Noël.
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Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, [2011]

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222 pages ; 23 cm.
Overview : the health care system / Rationing health care is ethical and necessary / Health care rationing should not be justified by unethical beliefs / Universal health care provided by the government is morally required / Government intervention in health care is immoral and impractical / Health care is a right, not a privilege / Overview : organ transplantation / Sale of kidneys for transplantation is ethical / Charity, not money, should guide kidney transplantation / Individuals should become organ donors to stop organ sales / A system of presumed consent is not a good way to increase available organs / Overview : reproductive ethics / Unmarried individuals and homosexuals should have access to reproductive technologies / Surrogacy can be an ethical solution to infertility / Fertility doctors are in no position to consider children's well-being / Unmarried individuals and homosexuals do not have a right to reproductive technologies / Outsourced surrogacy is a form of exploitation / Fertility doctors must consider children's well-being / Overview : end-of-life issues / Right to die necessitates assistance from physicians / It is ethical for doctors to participate in death penalty executions / Doctors must respect the autonomy of pregnant women regarding abortion / Doctors and nurses should never take part in euthanasia / There is no humane way of performing death penalty executions / It is ethical for doctors to refuse to perform abortion
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