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Berlatsky, Noah.
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Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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214 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
What is the status of human rights and democracy in China? China is not moving toward democracy / Ying Ma ; China is moving toward democracy / Henry S. Rowen ; China must be convinced of the benefits of democracy / Arthur Kroeber ; China is committed to human rights / Ming Wan ; China abuses human rights / Amnesty International ; Human rights must be the most important issue between the United States and China / Wei Jingsheng -- How is China handling its economic challenges? The global recession did not weaken China's economy / Jeff Nielson ; The global recession weakened China's economy / Nouriel Roubini ; Free trade with China benefits both China and the United States / James A. Dorn ; Free trade with China benefits China but hurts the United States / James Parks ; Trade imbalances are dangerous for both the United States and China / Peter Navarro ; China must do more to combat intellectual property piracy / U. S. Chamber of Commerce ; Business must combat Chinese intellectual property piracy / David Wolf ; Chinese intellectual property piracy cannot be avoided / Henry Blodget -- Is China's military a threat? China's military buildup is a threat to U.S. interests / John J. Tkacik Jr. ; China's military buildup is not a threat to legitimate U.S. interests / Doug Bandow ; China can aid nuclear nonproliferation / Xiaohui (Anne) Wu ; China is behind the North Korean threat / Anne Applebaum ; China can help confront the North Korean threat / Martin Malin and Hui Zhang ; China remains a threat to Taiwan / J. Michael Cole ; China-Taiwan relations are improving / Clifford Coonan -- Is China protecting the environment? China's air pollution is improving / Tini Tran ; China must do more to address air pollution / Juli S. Kim ; China is addressing climate change / Steven Hayward ; China must do more on climate change / Bruce Stokes.
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