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Egendorf, Laura K., 1973-
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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202 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
What are the internal problems facing Pakistan? Pakistan's educational system is problematic / U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) ; Pakistan's educational system does not foster terrorism / Peter Bergen and Swati Pandey ; Pakistan has a weak economy / Sumit Ganguly ; Pakistan has a strong economy / Economic Review ; Pakistan is a front for Al Qaeda / Ed Blanche ; Anti-American views are a problem in Pakistan / K. Alan Kronstadt -- How can Pakistan address terrorism? Pakistan must stop the Taliban / Stephen Schwartz and Irfan Al-Alawi ; Pakistan must take action to end terrorist attacks on India / Global Agenda ; Pakistani terrorism complicates a troubled relationship with India / Ramesh Thakur ; India does not blame Pakistan's civilian leadership for terrorist attacks / Andrew Buncombe ; The United States has failed to address the problem of terrorism in Pakistan / U.S. Government Accountability Office ; Pakistan must stop violating human rights in its fight against terrorism / Amnesty International ; Education can end terrorism in Pakistan / Lisa A. Curtis -- What should the U.S. role be in Pakistan? The United States must help Pakistan achieve democracy / Hassan Abbas ; The United States should not support Pakistan / Charles Scaliger ; The United States must work to improve Pakistan's economic and political situation / Teresita C. Schaffer ; The United States does not have the power to change Pakistan's policies / Robert Bryce ; The United States needs to engage more fully with Pakistan / Arjun Parasher -- What is the future of Pakistan? Pakistan faces political instability / Richard N. Haas, interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman ; Pakistan can achieve democracy / William Dalrymple ; Pakistan should make efforts to improve women's rights / Farida Shaheed, interviewed by Rochelle Jones ; Pakistan is at risk from nuclear weapons / Pervez Hoodbhoy.

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