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Is Iran a threat to global security?
Kiesbye, Stefan.
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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126 pages ; 24 cm.
Iran has instigated a new Cold War / Thomas Friedman -- American double standards provoke Iran's antagonism / Stephen Zunes -- Iran is behind conflict in the Middle East / Michel Ledeen -- Diplomacy is crucial to defuse the Iran problem / Suzanne Maloney and Ray Takeyh -- Sanctions and diplomacy are the answers to Iran's nuclear threat / Andrew Grotto -- The outcome of more diplomatic talks with Iran is uncertain / Jan De Pauw -- Delaying a decisive response to an Iranian threat might prove fatal / John Bolton -- Hyping the nuclear threat from Iran might cause war in the Middle East / Gregory Levey -- America must be prepared for a possible strike against Iran / Patrick Clawson -- A military conflict with Iran can be avoided / William Luers, Thomas Pickering, and Jim Walsh -- America must bomb Iran to answer its nuclear and terrorist threat / Norman Podhoretz -- Military action cannot solve the problems with Iran / Barbara Slavin -- A military response to Iran's nuclear and terrorist threat is justified / Sean Rayment -- Israel might have to face the Iranian threat alone / Calev Ben-David.
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