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Miller, Debra A.
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2010]

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222 pages ; 23 cm.
Is the world benefiting from oil? Chapter overview / Gal Luft ; Oil has brought astounding benefits to human civilization / Environmental Literacy Council ; Oil is vital to the world economy / Terry Hathaway ; The oil and natural gas industry is an essential part of the U.S. economy / Myra Crownover ; America's dependence on Middle Eastern oil was the reason for the Iraq War / James Cogan ; Oil wealth fuels conflict within oil-producing countries / Michael L. Ross ; Oil wealth sustains oil tyrannies around the world / Alvaro Vargas Llosa -- How has the world's reliance on oil affected the environment? A century of oil has taken a heavy toll on the environment / Union of Concerned Scientists ; Oil spills and leaks cause environmental disasters / Greenpeace ; Oil and gas drilling operations have degraded the environment of the western United States / Dusty Horwitt ; Oil extraction threatens the Amazon rain forests / Rhett Butler ; Increasing demand for fossil fuels will cause even greater environmental damage in the future / Agence France-Presse (AFP) ; Peak oil could have disastrous effects on the environment / Grinning Planet -- Is the world running out of oil? The world oil supply is running out fast / Steve Connor ; Peak oil occurred on a worldwide basis in 2008 / Richard Heinberg ; The U.S. government predicts a sharp drop in world oil output / Michael T. Klare ; Peak oil is a myth / Jason Schwarz ; Oil will be a growth business for the next twenty years / Daniel Yergin ; Humans will find a better energy source long before oil runs out / Brian Dunning -- How does oil affect the future? Oil will continue to impact the global economy / Michael T. Klare ; Rising oil prices may threaten oil production and supply / Greenpeace ; Higher oil prices could strain global agriculture systems / Jason Mark ; The security of oil supply and demand is necessary to sustain the global economy / Ali Hussain ; The United States must unleash a new clean energy economy / Barack Obama ; Sustainability is the next phase of human development / Eric McLamb.
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