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The wheel of Nuldoid
Woody, Russ.
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First edition.
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Los Angeles : Pointless Ink Book, [2009]

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381 pages : illustrations, map ; 23 cm
This is a dark tongue-in-cheek look at the very center of our world, where a society of short quarrelsome creatures live and operate the machinery that rotates the earth. It's the story of three unsuspecting humans--sixth grade teacher Warren Worst, his student Leo and Warren's beautiful neighbor Lilly--who are living quietly in San Francisco until the earthquake of October 1989 turns their lives upside down. Literally. Join them as they journey through the Region of Neither Norr, fall hundreds of miles through a giant tunnel-hole, cross the Plains of Low Weather and the Valley of Lopsided Water, fly down the ancient slide of the Droiden Frobble Dynasty and scale the Great Big Canyon. It is a trip that is not just physical but spiritual. The humans will learn much about Nuldoid and its strange politics, religion and the peculiar way these creatures experience death. It is a journey from which one of them will not return, and all of them will be forever changed. What they discover about themselves, about their own world and about the creatures of Nuldoid will flabbergast them, and you.
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