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How Congress works.
Congressional Quarterly, inc.
Fourth edition.
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Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, [2008]

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viii, 248 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
Party leadership in Congress. Congressional leadership structure. The House speaker. House leadership : a hierarchy of support. Leadership in the Senate : we know no masters? Party support structure in the Senate -- The legislative process. Importance of rules. Developing legislation. House floor action : structured efficiency. Senate floor action : flexibility, informality. Final action : resolving differences -- The committee system. Committees in transition. Evolution of the system : growth and reform. The committee structure. Committee assignments. Committee procedures. Jurisdictional conflicts. Oversight mandate -- Congressional staff. Postwar waves of staff expansion. Evolution of the congressional staff. Committee and personal staff : what they do. The cost and pay of congressional staff. Congressional staff : ethics and legalities -- How a bill becomes a law -- Political party affiliations in Congress and the Presidency, 1789-2009 -- Speakers of the House of Representatives, 1789-2007 -- House floor leaders, 1899-2007 -- Senate floor leaders, 1911-2007 -- Recorded votes in the House and Senate, 1947-2007 -- Attempted and successful cloture votes, 1919-2007 -- Congressional information on the internet.
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