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Legal guide for police : constitutional issues
Walker, Jeffery T.
Personal Author:
Eighth edition.
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Newark, NJ : LexisNexis Matthew Bender, 2008.
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vii, 248 pages ; 25 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).
General Note:
Rev. ed. of: Legal guide for police / John C. Klotter, Jeffery T. Walker, Craig Hemmens.

Includes index.
Preface -- Results of failure to comply with constitutional mandates -- Civil liabilities -- Civil rights action -- Liability of supervisors, administrators, and agencies -- Admissibility of evidence -- Summary -- Police power and limitations -- Police power, authority, and responsibility -- Limits on police authority -- Bill of rights -- Due process of law -- Effects of broadening the scope of the Fourteenth Amendment due process clause -- Protection of rights via state constitutions and laws -- Summary -- Police authority to detain -- General considerations -- Consensual encounters -- Terry v. Ohio stop-and-frisk rationale -- Application to off-street situations -- Application to detention of motorists -- Detention of luggage -- Duration of the detention -- Detention to check driver's license and registration -- Detention at police roadblocks -- Summary -- Law of arrest -- General considerations -- Statutory authority to arrest -- Definition and elements of arrest -- Arrest under the authority of an arrest warrant -- Arrest without a warrant -- Post-arrest probable cause determination -- Use of force in making an arrest -- citation and summons in law enforcement -- Arrest after fresh pursuit -- Summary --

Search and seizure with a warrant -- General considerations -- Constitutional provisions -- exclusionary rule -- Extension of the exclusionary rule to all courts : Mapp v. Ohio -- Application and modification of the exclusionary rule -- Seizure with a valid search warrant, general -- Requirements of a valid search warrant -- Execution of the search warrant -- Search of a person on the premises where such person is not described in the warrant -- Return of the warrant -- Summary -- Search and seizure without a warrant -- General considerations -- Search incident to a lawful arrest -- Search with a valid waiver (consent searches) -- Search of movable vehicles and objects -- Search after lawful impoundment (inventory searches) -- Exigent circumstances exception to the warrant requirement -- Plain view searches -- Search of premises not protected by the Fourth Amendment (open fields) -- Search by a private individual -- Standing to challenge the search -- Stop and frisk -- Seizure of verbal evidence via recorders or microphones : electronic searches -- Airport searches -- Search of pervasively regulated businesses -- Summary --

Questioning suspects -- General considerations -- free and voluntary rule -- Warning and waiver requirements (Miranda rule) -- Exclusion related to the Fourth Amendment -- Right to counsel -- delay in arraignment rule -- Corroboration -- Exceptions to right to counsel and self-incrimination -- Admissibility of a second confession after an inadmissible first confession -- Summary -- Pretrial identification procedures -- General considerations -- Fingerprinting and photographing suspects -- Lineup, self-incrimination challenge -- Lineup, right to counsel challenge -- Lineup, due process challenge -- Pretrial photographic identification -- Dental examination -- Voice exemplars -- Footprint comparisons and other body examinations -- Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests -- Summary -- Appendix -- Bill of Rights (First Ten Amendments) and Fourteenth Amendment -- Table of cases -- Index.
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