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No regrets : 101 fabulous things to do before you're too old, married or pregnant
Ivens, Sarah.
Personal Author:
First edition.
Publication Information:
New York : Broadway Books, [2009]

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xvii, 268 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Glamour girl -- Learn to love champagne -- Eat french fries - without a side of guilt -- Rock the microphone at karaoke -- Let an unsuitable man spoil you rotten -- Throw yourself a party -- Get thrown out of a nightclub -- Eat in a fancy restaurant by yourself -- Buy your own jewelry -- Have as many first kisses as your morals allow -- Learn to cook something exceptional -- Friend indeed -- Compete with yourself, not your girlfriends -- Get creative with your giving -- Listen to warning bells -- Finish unfinished business -- Love your family: conventional or not -- Have friends from all religions -- Express gratitude -- Be nice to your friends' love interests -- Fight distance and lifestyle to keep close friends close -- Give an ex-boyfriend a second chance' but not a third -- Ditch toxic friends -- Be the first to apologize -- Hear your mom out -- Fashionista sista -- Wear your Sunday best for all occasions -- Love your body -- Splash out on a Burberry raincoat -- Buy sexy underwear -- Learn to pack well -- Get professionally fitted for a bra -- Learn to walk in three-inch stilettos -- Find the perfect pair of jeans -- Show off your legs -- Get comfy in uggs -- Spanx it up -- Buy a princess dress -- Wilderness woman -- Kayak a phosphorous lake at midnight -- Take on a physical challenge -- Let go of the edge of the ice rink -- Go camping -- Appreciate each changing season -- Dance barefoot on the beach -- Take a deep breath at Yosemite -- Look for shooting stars -- Take a road trip -- Feed sting rays -- Go on an African safari -- Swim with sharks -- Go skiing in the Rockies -- Take an unforgettable train journey -- Jet setter -- Shop till you drop in New York City -- Show a visitor around your hometown -- People watch in Paris -- Say yes to a night out with locals -- Hit Bourbon street: don't wait for Mardi Gras -- Sit still at Machu Picchu -- Gawp at the Taj Mahal -- Take an alternative vacation -- Stay up all night in Las Vegas -- Go ghost hunting in England -- Eat too much in Italy -- Free spirit -- Get a vibrator -- Spend the whole weekend in bed -- Speak the truth -- Ride a mechanical bull -- Quit the job you hate -- Acknowledge your own achievements -- Laugh at your self -- Learn to meditate -- Do something that scares you -- Become a bit of a hippie -- Date outside your type -- Eat an exotic meat -- Be one of the guys -- Play hooky -- Chic geek -- Learn quotes from Grease -- Read the book before you see the film -- Become a shutterbug -- Find a mentor -- Be a mentor -- Learn a foreign language -- Keep a diary -- Embrace your naughty side -- Dig through your dad's music collection -- Spend time with your grandma -- Keep old letters, and write new ones -- Take up a hobby, just for you, just for fun -- Rediscover take on me -- Indulge in a great work of literature -- Make a family tree -- Beauty maven -- Get a smile you'll be proud to flash -- Get mani-pedis with your mates -- Go (completely) bare down there -- Wear sunscreen -- Shape your brows -- Find the perfect red lipstick for you -- Get contact lenses -- Quit smoking -- Return your hair to its childhood color -- Learn to get a good night's sleep -- Get lash extensions -- Have a pro do your make-up.
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