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The Art of ornamentation
Veilhan, Jean-Claude.
Physical Description:
1 disc. ; 33 1/3 rpm. stereophonic : 12 in.
General Note:
Durations with program notes by Veilhan in English version by S. Celt on container.
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Blavet, M. Sonata, La vibray, in D minor (op. II, 1732) for transverse baroque flute, baroque lute, and viola da gamba.--Hotteterre, J. Prelude in F major for alto recorder and pre-baroque lute (L'Art de préluder, 1719)--Dieupart, C. Suite in F minor for soprano recorder, pre-baroque lute, and viola da gamba (ca. 1710)--Marais, M. Les folies d'Espagne (Second book of pieces for viols, 1701) for tenor recorder, theorbo, and viola da gamba.--Hotteterre, J. Prelude in A minor for alto recorder and baroque lute (L'Art de préluder, 1719)--Couperin, F. Le rossignol en amour; Double de rossignol (Third book of harpsichord pieces, 1722) for transverse baroque flute and baroque lute.
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Music LP