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Morality, justice, and the law : the continuing debate
Darmer, M. Katherine B.
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Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, [2007]

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333 pages ; 23 cm.
The path of the law / Oliver Wendell Holmes -- What is law? A century of arguments / Robert P. George -- Dworkin and Hart on "the law": a Polanyian reconsideration / Ira H. Peak, Jr -- Virtues and verdicts / Cass R. Sunstein -- Neutralism, perfectionism, and the lawyer's duty to promote the common good / John J. Worley -- Between reason and power : experiencing legal truth / Linda Meyer -- Beyond justifications : seeking motivations to sustain public defenders / Charles J. Ogletree Jr. -- Religious lawyering in a liberal democracy : a challenge and an invitation / Russell G. Pearce and Amelia J. Uelman -- Reflections on the practice of law as religious calling, from a perspective of Jewish law and ethics / Samuel J. Levine -- On being a religious professional : the religious turn in professional ethics / Martha Minow -- On not prosecuting civil disobedience / Ronald Dworkin -- Christian duty and the rule of law / William H. Pryor Jr. -- Herrera v. Collins, United States Supreme Court -- Kansas v. Marsh, United States Supreme Court -- Christ, Christians, and capital punishment / Mark Osler -- Principled immigration / Mary Ann Glendon -- Borderlands and immigrants / George Friedman -- Immigration quotas vs. individual rights : the moral and practical case for open immigration / Harry Binswanger -- Illegal immigration is a moral issue / Victor Davis Hanson -- Comprehensive immigration reform / Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick -- When illegal is right, what is wrong? / Kathleen Parker.
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