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Miracles : God, science, and psychology in the paranormal
Ellens, J. Harold, 1932-
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Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, [2008]

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3 volumes : illustrations ; 25 cm.
v. 1. Biblical miracles and psychological process : Jesus as psychotherapist / J. Harold Ellens -- Distorted reality or transitional space? Biblical miracle stories in psychoanalytic perspective / Petri Merenlahti -- Jesus and miracles in historical, biblical, and psychological perspective / Wayne G. Rollins -- Miracles in the Old Testament / Antti Laato -- Old Testament figures as miracle workers / Erkki Koskenniemi -- Moses' competition with Pharaoh's magicians / Andre LaCocque -- The religious- historical background of the New Testament miracles / Erkki Koskenniemi -- The miracle of Christ's birth / John W. Miller -- That they may believe : distinguishing the miraculous from the providential / Stephen J. Pullum -- Through signs and wonders : religious discourse and miracle narratives / Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi -- Healing in the gospels : the essential credentials / Kamila Blessing -- What we can learn from miraculous healings and cures / Patrick McNamara and Reka Szent-Imrey -- Are miracles essential or peripheral to faith traditions? / Louis Hoffman and Katherine McGuire -- Religious and spiritual miracle events in real-life experience / Russ Llewellyn -- How religious or spiritual miracle events happen today / William P. Wilson -- On the limits of scientific investigation : miracles and intercessory prayer / Richard L. Gorsuch --

v. 2. God and science / J. Harold Ellens -- The enduring fascination of miracles / Ilkka Pyysiäinen -- Relocating, reanalyzing, and redefining miracles : a psychodynamic exploration of the miraculous / Daniel J. Gaztambide -- Miracle attributions, meaning, and neuropsychology / Raymond F. Paloutzian ... [et al.] -- What is a medical or therapeutic miracle? / Myrna M. Pugh -- History of research on faith, prayer, and medical healings / Kevin J. Eames -- Psychoneuroimmunology and Jesus' healing miracles / Daniel J. Gaztambide -- The phenomenology of transformation and healing : the disciples as miracle workers and other biblical examples / Anthony R. de Orio -- Miracles and crowd psychology in African culture / Olufemi A. Lawal -- Sacred bleeding : the language of stigmata / Stanley Krippner and Jeffrey Kirkwood -- Miracles in Kongo religious history : evaluating the ritual healing theory / James McClenon -- Where medicine ends and the miraculous beings in mysterious healings / Myrna M. Pugh -- Faith : an existential, phenomenological, and biblical integration / Philip Brownell -- The healing power of the will to live / Joanne Hedgespeth -- Intercessory prayer, group psychology, and medical healing / Judith L. Johnson and Nathan D. Butzen --

v. 3. The sensed presence as a coping resource in extreme environments / Peter Suedfeld and John Geiger -- Mysticism and the paranormal / Ralph W. Hood, Jr. -- Multistate and entheogenic contributions to the study of miracles and experimental religious studies / Thomas B. Roberts -- The miraculous and mental illness / Louis Hoffman and Marika Kurzenberger -- Miracles in the frontal lobes : a neuropsychological approach to the way we make miracle attributions / Steven A. Rogers -- An African perspective on miracles / Nicolene L. Joubert -- Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! : selling the miraculous in the preaching of faith healers / Stephen J. Pullum -- Miracles in A course in miracles / Robert Perry -- The miracle of psychotherapy / Ron Johnson -- Spiritualizing the unknown / Louis Hoffman and Steve Fehl -- Personal experience, self-reporting, and hyperbole / Philip Brownell -- Music and the miraculous : the neurophysiology of music's emotive meaning / Candace S. Alcorta -- Revelation and the practice of prophecy : with special reference to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov / Dan Merkur.



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