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The biodiesel handbook
Knothe, Gerhard.
Publication Information:
[Champaign], Ill. : AOCS Press, [2005]

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ix, 302 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction/ History of Vegetable Oil-Based Diesel Fuels / Basics of Diesel Engines and Diesel Fuels / Biodiesel Production / Alternate Feedstocks and Technologies for Biodiesel Production / Analytical Methods for Biodiesel / Cetane Numbers / Viscosity / Cold Weather Properties and Performance of Biodiesel / Oxidation: Literature overview / Stability of Biodiesel / Biodiesel Lubricity / Biodegradability, Biological and Chemical Oxygen Demand and Toxicity of Biodiesel Fuels / Soybean Oil Composition for Biodiesel / Impact of Biodiesel Fuel on Pollutant Emissions from Diesel Engines / Influence of Biodiesel and Different Petrodiesel Fuels on Exhaust Emissions and Health Effects / Current Status of the Biodiesel Industry / Biodiesel in the European Union: Current Status of Legislation and Production / Biodiesel Quality Management; the AGQM story / Status of Biodiesel in Asia, the Americas, Australia and South Africa / Environmental implications of biodiesel / Potential Production of Biodiesel / Other Uses of Biodiesel / Other Alternative Diesel Fuels from Vegetable Oils
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