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Family violence
Dziedzic, Nancy G.
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Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, [2009]

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249 pages ; 23 cm.
What is the scope of family violence? An overview of intimate partner violence / Children can be victims of family violence / Intimate partner violence affects lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender relationships / Siblings, parents, and pets can be victims of family violence / What contributes to family violence? Poverty, power imbalances, and male identity contribute to family violence / Violence in dating relationships may contribute to later domestic abuse / Individual and community poverty contribute to family violence / Biological disorders contribute to family violence / Abuse of animals can signal violence in families / Immigrant status affects victim reporting of domestic violence / Is domestic violence a gender issue? Men's violence is intended to inflict terror in women / Male violence is fundamentally different from female violence / Battered woman syndrome is a gender issue / Women commit as much domestic violence as men / Gender assumptions about domestic violence should be re-examined / Are efforts to reduce family violence effective? Community-based efforts to reduce family violence work / Coordinating social service agencies provides comprehensive anti-violence programs / Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has damaged efforts to reduce family violence / Existing batterer intervention programs have little effect / Law enforcement attitudes have hindered efforts to prevent and end domestic violence
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