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Zero debt for college grads : from student loans to financial freedom.
Khalfani-Cox, Lynnette.
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New York : Kaplan Pub., [2007]

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xiv, 224 pages ; 23 cm
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Includes index.
Introduction : student loan dilemma -- fallout from the student loan crisis -- Lessons from financially liberated college grads -- Myths vs. facts about student loans -- Is a college education worth the price tag? -- Why current students, college grads, and parents need this book -- Manage today's bills wisely -- Personal finance 101 : smart rules about budgeting, credit, and debt -- Five critical money-management lessons you didn't learn in school -- Common budget-wreckers -- Create your own budget -- Stick to your budget -- Boost your financial IQ -- Cut your costs : save on housing, transportation, clothing, and more -- Live large on small change -- Save on housing -- true price of your car -- Save on food and household items -- Save on utilities -- wardrobe on a budget -- Affordable entertainment -- Make sure you're insured -- Fatten your bank account ; How to find or create extra money -- Squeeze lots of extra money out of your job -- Turn your home or apartment into a goldmine -- Cash in on those freebies you've earned -- Is "free" money in your future? -- Borrowing for emergencies --

Pay off student loans -- Master some student loan basics : understanding the ABC's of your college loans -- Determine what type of loans you have -- Understand the difference between federal and private loans -- Figure out how much you owe -- Identify the key players in the student loan business -- Assess the status of your student loans -- pay now : smart options to drastically reduce those student loan bills -- Standard loan repayment plans -- Extended repayment option -- Graduated repayment program -- income contingent repayment plans -- Play "Let's make a deal" -- Negotiate your own monthly payment -- Let Uncle Sam help -- Pay off private loans -- Other pros and cons of private loans -- pros and cons of loan consolidation : should you roll all your loans into one? -- Eligibility rules and other requirements -- Who should consolidate student loans - and who shouldn't -- FAQs about student loan consolidations -- Pay Later : savvy ways to put off making payments -- Are you eligible for a loan deferment? -- Fight for forbearance -- Economic hardship cases - and help from an Ombudsman -- Build great credit -- Resources.

Clean up defaulted student loans ; how to bring overdue account current -- Student loans and your credit report -- Wage garnishments -- Who's in default and why? -- What to do and what not to say -- Consolidate your loans -- Loan rehabilitation programs -- Eliminate student loans with loopholes : qualify for loan cancellation or get others to pay -- Loan cancellation programs - big hassles, even bigger payoffs -- What to do if your discharge application is denied -- Loan forgiveness programs and loan repayment initiatives -- Repayment assistance programs nobody told you about -- Build great credit -- Wipe out credit card debt : free yourself from America's #1 financial plague -- Attack your area of pain -- Tips for negotiating with creditors -- Call your creditors when you face the "dreaded Ds" -- Understanding credit reporting laws -- Consider bankruptcy as a last-ditch resort -- Get a fresh start with creditors - without bankruptcy -- Establish great credit : the three-digit number what's more important than your GPA -- Secrets to boosting your FICO score -- How "inquiries" and new credit applications affect your credit standing -- Building a credit rating without taking on new debts -- Sneaky tricks some credit card companies play -- Prevent identity theft from ruining your credit -- Credit tips for couples -- Afterword -- Acknowledgments -- Zero debt checklist -- Resources -- Index -- About the author.
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