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Snowball launchers, giant-pumpkin growers, and other cool contraptions
Fox, Tom, 1946-
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New York : Sterling Pub., [2006]

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127 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Concise, well-illustrated instruction in the construction of fun and useful contraptions and devices. One look at any of these gadgets you can make, and your friends will call you a mechanical genius--or a mad scientist! Build a rocket-propelled toy car or a secret place to hide your treasures from snooping little kids. Grow a pumpkin so big, even an adult can't lift it. Make an automatic dog feeder, a mechanical snowball thrower, or some storm-predicting bells. All fifteen "Amazing Stuff" projects produce toys that are more than playthings. Yet all you need are some pieces of wood, nails, oatmeal boxes, jar lids, and Popsicle sticks. And you just use a hammer, screwdriver, and other tools from around the house--plus a couple of cheap electric motors you can buy at any electronics store.
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Includes index.
Turn simple stuff into cool contraptions: About building things: Project 1: Rocket-propelled toy car: Power up a speedway demon -- Project 2: Gravity man!: Balancing on the high wire -- Project 3: Heartbeat monitor: Make a working stethoscope -- Project 4: Constellation maker: See the night sky from your bed -- Project 5: See-safe solar viewer: Watch eclipses, sun spots, solar flares! -- Project 6: Automatic cat/dog feeder: Let your pet feed itself -- Project 7: Auto-fill water dish: Pets, like people, need water too -- Project 8: Giant-pumpkin grower: Grow pumpkins bigger than you are! -- Project 9: Snowball launcher: Throw farther and save your arm -- Project 10: Super-duper water shooter: All ready for summertime fun -- Project 11: Drinking-straw dispenser: Quick! Grab one for that tall, cooling drink -- Project 12: Hidden compartment display case: Show off stuff, and hide other stuff -- Project 13: Solar-powered pocket watch: Batteries not needed -- Project 14: Mobile thunderstorm detector: Put an AM radio to work -- Project 15: Sidewinder thingamajig: Check remote controls...and play tricks -- Project 16: Magical electricity sensor: Electromagnets and more... -- Project 17: Morse code telegraph: Dots and dashes for secret messages -- Project 18: Secret drawer lock: Safe place for your secret stuff -- Project 19: Build-it robot: You're in control -- Project 20: Brain-powered robot: Making of a moth-bot! -- Project notes -- Index.
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IG 1020 Lexile.

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