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The devil we know : dealing with the new Iranian superpower
Baer, Robert.
Personal Author:
First edition.
Publication Information:
New York : Crown Publishers, 2008.
Physical Description:
vi, 279 pages : map ; 25 cm
By mixing anecdotes with information gleaned from clandestine sources, ex-CIA operative Robert Baer superbly demonstrates that Iran, far from being a wild-eyed rogue state, is a rational actor--one skilled in the game of nations and so effective at thwarting perceived Western colonialism that even rival Sunnis relish fighting under its banner. For U.S. policy makers, the choices have narrowed: either cede the world's most important energy corridors to a nation that can match us militarily with its asymmetric capabilities (which include the use of suicide bombers)--or deal with the devil we know.--From publisher description.
General Note:
Map on endpapers.

Includes index.
The Iranian paradox -- How Iran beat America -- The master plan: how Iran arrived at its secret blueprint for empire -- From terrorism to power politics: how Iran became a statist power -- Lethal and elusive: why Iran's weapons and tactics make it unconquerable--even without nukes -- Seizing the world's energy corridors: why Iran will shortly control the most vital oil and gas trade routes -- Toppling the Arab sheikhdoms: how Iran plans to seize the Persian Gulf's oil -- White knights: how Iran's Shia are winning the hearts of the Sunni Palestinians -- Winner take all: why the Shia will prevail--and the opening it offers -- Ultimate sacrifice: martyrs, suicide bombers, and the fight for the soul of Islam -- Memories that don't fade: what Iran really wants.
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