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Career opportunities in biotechnology and drug development
Freedman, Toby.
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Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, [2008]

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x, 409 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
pt. I. Industry overview: landing a job in industry. 1. The pros and cons of working in industry: why make the transition? -- 2. How to excel in industry: what to expect and what is expected of you -- 3. So you want a job in biotechnology and drug development--: finding your way in -- 4. The biotechnology industry resume: putting your best foot forward -- 5. The informational interview: researching your options -- 6. The biotechnology and drug development industry: an overview -- pt. II. Career opportunities in biotechnology and drug development companies. 7. Discovery research: the idea makers -- 8. Preclinical research: the bridge between discovery research and clinical development -- 9. Project management: the product development "orchestra conductors" -- 10. Clinical development: developing new products to benefit human health -- 11. Medical affairs: working in the post-approval world -- 12. Regulatory affairs: the final challenge--passing the FDA test -- 13. Quality: consistently making good products -- 14. Operations: ensuring that processes run smoothly and efficiently -- 15. Bio/pharmaceutical product development: the chemistry has to be good -- 16. Life science information management: the melding of computer and biological sciences -- 17. Business and corporate development: why big deals really are a big deal -- 18. Marketing: communicating a message to customers -- 19. Sales: generating revenue and educating customers -- 20. Technical applications and support: getting paid to be the expert -- 21. Corporate communications: communication between external and internal worlds -- 22. Executive leadership and entrepreneurship: the business builders -- 23. Law: providing legal advice and protecting property -- 24. Health care finance: venture capital, institutional investing, investment baking, and equity research -- 25. Management consulting: the strategy advisors -- 26. Recruiting: the business of matchmaking.
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