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The broken American male : and how to fix him
Boteach, Shmuel.
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First edition.
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New York : St. Martin's Press, 2008.
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294 pages ; 24 cm
I am a broken American male -- The shattered male ego -- Failure -- The escapes broken men pursue -- Premarital sex reinforces the brokenness of American men -- The death wish -- Hero without a spotlight -- The curse of ambition -- The American dream becomes a nightmare -- Soulless capitalism -- Two great lies -- Twin brokenness -- Donald Trump : the most broken man in America -- Ready to be broken : the inherent fragility of men -- How women heal men -- The inadequate American female -- The man who shuts his wife out emotionally -- The uninspired child -- A new definition of success -- Rise, oh hero! -- The five ingredients of success -- Fostering healthy ambition -- Raising our sons differently -- Purposefulness and direction -- From career to calling -- Making the broken American male feel wanted at home -- So you want to be rich? -- Rediscovering the sabbath -- Learning to be happy for another's success -- Rise, oh circle man! -- Inspiring our children -- Reaching out to our broken men -- The wholesome American male : a day in the life -- Conclusion : my own healing.
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