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Health care half-truths : too many myths, not enough reality
Garson, Arthur.
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Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Pub., [2007]

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xix, 290 pages ; 24 cm
Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Our country and the world -- Myth : American medical care is second-rate compared to other countries -- Myth : American health care is the most expensive in the world -- Cost : the myths of expensive care -- Myth : America wastes one-half of its medical care dollars -- Myth : Most medical care dollars are spent in the last six months of life -- Myth : Better quality saves money -- Myth : Preventive care saves money -- Myth : America will not ration health care -- Quality : the myths of good care -- Myth : Science drives most medical decisions -- Myth : High quality care cannot be defined -- Myth : Consumers can make the best decisions about their medical care -- Myth : Fewer doctors will be needed as medicine changes -- Myth : The current malpractice system helps patients -- Myth : Managing care is evil --

Coverage : the myths of insurance, underinsurance, and uninsurance -- Myth : In America, there is a "safety net" of government programs providing health care for the poor -- Myth : People who work can afford health insurance -- Myth : Provision of health insurance for employees has always been the employer's responsibility, and will continue that way -- Myth : The uninsured get the care they need in emergency rooms -- Myth : No additional funding is needed to cover the uninsured; the money is available in the system -- future -- Myth : All other countries provide health care coverage for everyone; we should be no different -- Myth : Major change in the American health care system is impossible -- Sources for the facts and further reading -- Index -- About the authors.
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