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A nation of wimps : the high cost of invasive parenting
Marano, Hara Estroff.
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First edition.
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New York : Broadway Books, [2008]

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307 pages ; 25 cm
There is a mental health crisis on college campuses these days, with alarming numbers of students engaging in self-destructive behaviors like binge drinking and cutting or disconnecting through depression. This is the first book to connect the dots between overparenting and the social crisis of the young. Psychology expert Hara Marano reveals how parental overinvolvement hinders a child's development socially, emotionally, and neurologically. Hothouse parenting has hit the mainstream--with disastrous effects. Parents are going to ludicrous lengths to take the lumps and bumps out of life for their children, but the net effect of parental hyperconcern and scrutiny is to make kids more fragile. Children become overreactive to stress because they were never free to discover what makes them happy in the first place. When the real world isn't the discomfort-free zone kids are accustomed to, they become subject to anxiety disorders or worse.--From publisher description.
Welcome to the hothouse -- Rocking the cradle of class -- Parenting to perfection -- We're all Jewish mothers now -- Cheating childhood -- Meet mom and dad, the new hall monitors -- From scrutiny to fragility -- Crisis on the campus -- Arrested development -- Born to be stressed -- Whose shark tank is it, anyway? -- Class dismissed -- We didn't get here by rocking the boat -- What parents can do for their kids.
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