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Whales, whaling, and ocean ecosystems
Estes, J. A. (James A.), 1945-
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Berkeley : University of California Press, [2006]

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xvi, 402 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm
List of contributors -- List of tables -- List of figures -- Introduction / Whales, interaction webs, and zero sum ecology / Lessons from land : present and past signs of ecological decay and the overture to earth's 6th mass extinction / When ecological pyramids were upside down / Pelagic ecosystem response to a century of commercial fishing and whaling / Evidence for bottom-up control of upper trophic level marine populations : is it scale-dependent? / Whales and whaling -- Evolutionary patterns in Cetacea : fishing up prey size through deep time / taxonomy of world whaling : operations and eras / history of whales read from DNA / Changes in marine mammal biomass in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands region before and after the period of commercial whaling / Industrial whaling in the North Pacific Ocean 1952-1978 : spatial patterns of harvest and decline

Worldwide distribution and abundance of killer whales / natural history and ecology of killer whales / Killer whales as predators of large baleen whales and sperm whales / Process and theory -- Physiological and ecological consequences of extreme body size in whales / Ecosystem impact of the decline of large whales in the North Pacific / removal of large whales from the Southern Ocean : evidence for long-term ecosystem effects? / Phillip J. Clapham, Great whales as prey : using demography and bioenergetics to infer interactions in marine mammal communities / Whales and whaling in the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea : oceanographic insights and ecosystem impacts / Legacy of industrial whaling : could killer whales be responsible for declines of sea lions, elephant seals and minke whales in the Southern Hemisphere? / Predator diet breadth and prey population dynamics : mechanism and modeling / Bigger is better : the role of whales as detritus in marine ecosystems

Case studies -- Gray whales in the Bering and Chukchi seas / Whales, whaling and ecosystems in the North Atlantic Ocean / Sperm whales in ocean ecosystems / Ecosystem effects of fishing and whaling in the North Pacific and Atlantic Ocean / Potential influences of whaling on the status and trends of pinniped populations / Social context -- dynamic between social systems and ocean ecosystems : are there lessons from commercial whaling? / Whaling, law and culture / Overview and synthesis -- Whales are big and it matters / Retrospection and review / Index.
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