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Dinosaurs : the most complete, up-to-date encyclopedia for dinosaur lovers of all ages
Holtz, Thomas R., 1965-
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First edition.
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New York : Random House, [2007]

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427 pages : color illustrations ; 29 cm
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Includes index.
The world of dinosaurs -- History of dinosaur discoveries -- Rocks and environment -- Fossils and fossilization -- Geologic time: how old is that dinosaur, and how do we know? -- From the field to the museum: finding fossils -- Bringing dinosaurs to life: the science of dinosaur art -- Taxonomy: why do dinosaurs have such strange names? -- Evolution: descent with modification -- Cladistics: figuring out the dinosaur family tree -- Evolution of the vertebrates -- The origin of dinosaurs -- Saurischians (lizard-hipped dinosaurs) -- Coelophysoids and Ceratosaurs (primitive meat-eating dinosaurs) -- Spinosauroids (megalosaurs and the fin-backed fish-eating dinosaurs) -- Carnosaurs (giant meat-eating dinosaurs) -- Primitive Coelurosaurs (the first fluffy dinosaurs) -- Tyrannosauroids (tyrant dinosaurs) -- Ornithomimosaurs and Alvarezsaurs (ostrich and thumb-clawed dinosaurs) -- Oviraptorosaurs and Therizinosauroids (egg-thief and sloth dinosaurs) -- Deinonychosaurs (raptor dinosaurs) -- Avialians (birds) -- Prosauropods (primitive long-necked plant-eating dinosaurs) -- Primitive Sauropods (early giant long-necked dinosaurs) -- Diplodocoids (whip-tailed giant long-necked dinosaurs) -- Macronarians (big-nosed giant long-necked dinosaurs) -- Ornithischians (bird-hipped dinosaurs) -- Primitive Thyreophorans (early armored dinosaurs) -- Stegosaurs (plated dinosaurs) -- Ankylosaurs (tank dinosaurs) -- Primitive Ornithopods (primitive beaked dinosaurs) -- Iguanodontians (advanced beaked dinosaurs) -- Hadrosauroids (duckbilled dinosaurs) -- Pachycephalosaurs (domeheaded dinosaurs) -- Primitive Ceratopsians (parrot and frilled dinosaurs) -- Ceratopsids (horned dinosaurs) -- Dinosaur eggs and babies -- Dinosaur behavior: how did dinosaurs act, and how do we know? -- Dinosaur biology: living, breathing dinosaurs -- Life in the Triassic Period -- Life in the Jurassic Period -- Life in the Cretaceous Period -- Extinctions: the world of the dinosaurs ends -- Dinosaur Genus list.
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