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The humble little condom : a history
Collier, Aine.
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Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2007.
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371 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Includes index.
Papyrus, serpents, and loincloths : the ancients and the condom -- From sex for "delit" to the great pox : love in early modern Europe -- Le male de Naples, la mal françois, las bubas, or the Venetian disease : Columbus and the great pox -- May prick nor purse never fail you : parliamentarians, poets, pundits, and provenance -- Medical arguments against armour and a case of caveat emptor : doctors, debates, debauchees, and the Mrs. P's -- The most famous, and infamous, users of all : the celebrity overcoat -- Malthus, skins, and dead letters : the West's culture wars -- A one-man fight against the condom : the American Civil War and Comstockery -- Obscenity laws, American tips, and French ticklers : Was there an English Comstock? -- "The nineteenth century's greatest invention" : muckrakers, moral armour, and the Great War -- Nookie in the struggle buggy : all that jazz and the age of advertising -- Brother, can you spare a dime ... for a rubber? : the Great Depression -- Victory ... will ride on the rubber you save : the war years -- Backseat bingo with my classy chassis : let's get it on! : from baby boom to modern plague -- Abstain was all he said : in the age of AIDS -- Epilogue : plenty of condoms, no water : the new millennium.
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