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Vernon and Irene Castle's ragtime revolution
Golden, Eve.
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Lexington, Ky. : University Press of Kentucky, [2007]

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viii, 315 pages : illustrations. ; 24 cm
Take me back to dear old Blighty -- About town -- Only forty-five minutes from Broadway -- "We would be much happier if we just relaxed and enjoyed school life" -- "I could tell by looking at him that he was not my cup of tea" -- Zowie, "the monarch of mystery" -- "They liked to test out their guns " -- Enfin ... une revue -- "I saw the fat years ahead!" -- Everybody's doing it -- "Two adolescent palm trees" -- "Gowns are more or less a business with me" -- "The best dancing music in the world" -- "More like a pair of schoolchildren" -- "Syncopation rules the nation" -- "The most talked about house in New York" -- "Dancing with Vernon was as easy as swimming with water wings" -- "The spirit of success ... oozes from these two young people" -- "The Castles are coming! Hooray! Hooray!" -- "We were both miserable on those vaudeville tours" -- "Their enthusiastic followers never ... go to bed at all" -- "Mrs. Castle is exhausted" -- "Castles in the subway, / Castles in the 'L'" -- "Oh, give me a gun and let me run to fight the foreign foe" -- "When I get old I shall be able to tell our children all about the Great War" -- "Kiss all the pets for me, dear" -- "A super motion picture of ... epoch-making magnificence" -- "He was out to see the Kaiser defeated" -- "An hour's pleasant diversion" -- I love my wife, but, oh, you kid! -- "Never in my life have I been subjected to such humiliation" -- "His plane dove straight into the ground" -- "Death is nothing to me, sweetheart" -- "Robert was sweet, sympathetic, and besides he did all of my bidding" -- "A well-known dancing dame" -- "Poor Irene Castle. She certainly isn't what she used to be" -- "Jazz, jazz, jazz! ... the paradings of savages -- "To Chicago high society, she was a chorus girl" -- Orphans of the storm -- "What do you do for an encore to what they had?" -- The story of Vernon and Irene Castle -- "Isn't old age awful!"
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