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The real history behind the Templars
Newman, Sharan.
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Berkley trade paperback edition.
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New York : Berkley Books, 2007.
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xv, 432 pages : illustrations, map ; 21 cm
In the year 1119, these noblemen found their calling as protectors of the faithful on a dangerous pilgrimage to newly conquered Jerusalem. Appearing as saviors on horseback, they spawned legends--but their arrogance, wealth, and secrecy made them targets of hatred and prejudice. Although history tells of only 200 years between their valiant rise and Now, historian Newman elucidates the mysteries and misconceptions of the Templars, from their true first founding and role in the Crusades to more modern intrigues, including: Were they devout knights or secret heretics? Did they leave behind a fantastic treasure, hidden to this day? How did they come to be associated with the Holy Grail? Did they come to America before the time of Columbus? Does the order still exist?--From publisher description.
I: THE POOR KNIGHTS OF CHRIST. Hugh de Payns ; Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem ; Hugh, Count of Champagne ; Bernard of Clairvaux ; Hugh de Payns takes Templars on the road ; The Council of Troyes ; Go forth and multiply ; The life of a Templar, according to the Rule ; Melisande, Queen of Jerusalem ; Fulk of Anjou, the Queen's husband ; The Temple in Jerusalem ; The popes get involved (you knew they would) ; The Second Crusade -- II: THE GLORY YEARS. Grand Masters, 1136-1191 ; Between the Second and Third Crusades (1150-1191) ; Who were the Saracens, anyway? ; Saladin ; Richard the Lionheart ; The Assassins ; The Hospitallers ; Grand Masters 1191-1292/93 ; The Templars and the Saint, Louis IX of France ; Templars and money ; Templars in Paris ; Templars in London ; The last stands; the fall of Acre and loss of the Holy Land -- III: THE END OF THE ORDER OF THE POOR KNIGHTS. Jacques de Molay: the last Grand Master, 1292-1313 ; Philip the Fair ; Friday the Thirteenth: the arrest and trials of the Templars ; The charges against the Templars ; Guillaume de Nogaret ; The Council of Vienne and the end of the Order ; Timeline of the trials ; The trials outside of France ; The secret rite of initiation ; Marguerite Porete ; Who were the Templars? ; The other guys: regional military orders ; Baphomet ; The Cathars -- IV: BEGINNING OF THE LEGENDS. Templars in fiction ; What happened to the Templars? ; The Holy Grail ; Templars in Denmark: Bornholm Island ; Templars and the Shroud of Turin ; Templars in Scotland: Rosslyn Chapel ; The Freemasons and the Templars -- How to tell if you are reading pseudohistory -- Templar timeline.
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