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The disability studies reader
Davis, Lennard J., 1949-
Second edition.
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New York : Routledge, [2006]

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xviii, 451 pages ; 26 cm
Constructing normalcy : the bell curve, the novel, and the invention of the disabled body in the nineteenth century / Deaf and dumb in ancient Greece / "A silent exile on this earth" : the metaphorical construction of deafness in the nineteenth century / Other arms race / (Re)writing the genetic body-text : disability, textuality, and the Human Genome Project / Construction of deafness / Abortion and disability : who should and who should not inhabit the world? / Disability rights and selective abortion / Universal design : the work of disability in an age of globalization / Selections from Stigma / Stigma : an enigma demystified / AIDS and its metaphors / Reassigning meaning / Disability in theory : from social constructionism to the new realism of the body / On the government of disability : Foucault, power, and the subject of impairment / Social model of disability / Narrative prosthesis and the materiality of metaphor / Dimension of disability oppression : an overview / End of identity politics and the beginning of dismodernism : on disability as an unstable category / Toward a feminist theory of disability / Integrating disability, transforming feminist theory / Introducing white disability studies : a modest proposal / "When Black women start going on Prozac" : the politics of race, gender, and emotional distress in Meri Nana-Ama Danquah's Willow weep for me / Compulsory able-bodiedness and queer/disabled existence / Vulnerable articulate : James Gillingham, Aimee Mullins, and Matthew Barney / Interlude 1 : On (almost) passing / Deaf people : a different center / A mad fight : psychiatry and disability activism / Toward a poetics of vision, space, and the body : sign language and literary theory / Enfreakment of photography / Blindness and art / Blindness and visual culture : an eye witness account / Disability, life narrative, and representation / Helen and Frida / Poems / Poems/ Kenny Fries -- Selections from The cry of the gull

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