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Teen pregnancy and parenting
Frick, Lisa.
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press/Thomson Gale, [2007]

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215 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
1. Is teenage pregnancy a serious problem? -- Teen pregnancy remains a problem in America / Jonathan D. Klein -- Teen pregnancy has negative consequences for mother, child, and society / National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy -- Teen pregnancy causes family stress / Susan S. Bartell -- Teen pregnancy is not a public health problem / Debbie A. Lawlor, Mary Shaw -- Early parenthood improves some teens' lives / Kim Phillips-Fein -- Early parenthood can push struggling teens to succeed / Jennifer A. Hurley -- 2. What factors contribute to teenage pregnancy? -- Poverty and lack of academic success contribute to teen pregnancy / Carol Cassell -- A father's absence contributes to teen pregnancy / Ann Quigley -- Sexual abuse contributes to teen pregnancy / Joanna Lipper -- Having a sibling who is a teen parent contributes to teen pregnancy / National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy -- Society's growing acceptance of teen pregnancy contributes to the phenomenon / Vikki Ortiz -- Many factors contribute to teen pregnancy / Martin Donohoe -- 3. Do sex education programs effectively address teen pregnancy? -- Abstinence programs reduce teen pregnancy / Robert Rector, Kirk A. Johnson, Jennifer A. Marshall -- School-based sex education programs effectively address teen pregnancy / Jocelyn Elders, interviewed by Priscilla Pardini -- Several pregnancy prevention programs deliver strong results / Catherine Gewertz -- Abstinence-only programs do not reduce teen pregnancy / Cory Richards -- Most abstinence-only programs contain inaccurate information / Minority Staff Special Investigations Division of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform -- School-based sex education programs ineffectively address teen pregnancy / Marjorie Coeyman -- 4. Are alternatives to teen parenting good options? -- Abortion is a good alternative to teen parenting / Children's PressLine -- Adoption is a good alternative to teen parenting / Jessica Henman -- Abortion has long-term, harmful effects on teens / Amy R. Sobie, David C. Reardon -- Adoption has long-term, harmful effects on birth parents / National Adoption Information Clearinghouse -- 5. Should society view teen parenting favorably? -- Teen pregnancy and teen parenting are biologically normal / Frederica Mathewes-Green -- Teen mothers can be responsible members of society / Marilyn Gardner -- Society should condemn teen parenting / Chuck Muth -- The lives of teen mothers are hard and stressful / Jan Farrington -- Organizations to contact.
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