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Versions of Blackness : key texts on slavery from the seventeenth century
Hughes, Derek, 1944-
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Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
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xxxiii, 381 pages ; 25 cm
Part one: The major texts. The isle of pines / Henry Neville ; Abdelazer / Aphra Behn ; Oroonoko / Aphra Behn ; Oroonoko / Thomas Southerne -- Part two: Contexts : Europe, America, and Africa. A short account of the destruction of the Indies / from Bartolomé de las Casas ; Democrates secundus / from Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda ; "Of the cannibals" and "Of coaches" / from Michel Eyquem de Montaigne ; On spreading the Gospel among the savages / from José de Acosta ; The English-American his travail by sea and land / from Thomas Gage ; A true and exact history of the island of Barbados / from Richard Ligon ; The history of Sir Francis Drake / from Sir William Davenant ; Voyage de la France eqinoxiale en l'Isle de Cayenne / from Antoine Biet ; An exact relation of the most execrable attempts of John Allin / from William Byam ; The history of the Caribby-Islands / from Charles de Rochefort ; Histoire generale des Antilles habitées par les François / from Jean-Baptiste du Tertre ; An impartial description of Surinam / from George Warren ; From Great newes from the Barbadoes ; The Negro's and Indians advocate / from Morgan Godwyn ; Friendly advice to the gentlemen planters of the East and West Indies / from Thomas Tryon -- Discussions of colonialism. Iewes in America / from Thomas Thorowgood ; Americans no iewes / from Hamon l'Estrange ; Leviathan / from Thomas Hobbes ; A brief view and survey of the dangerous and pernicious errors to church and state, in Mr. Hobbe's book, entitled Leviathan / from Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon ; Two treatises of government / from John Locke ; The Germantown protest.

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