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Living in the shadow of the Freud family
Freud, Sophie, 1924-
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Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2007.
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xxiv, 446 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Childhood memories -- The (grand)parents next door -- Early school years -- Growing up -- Climbing mountains -- Austria's war soon turned into defeat -- The other famous grandfather -- Meeting Martin Freud -- Letters to a prisoner of war -- Joys and sorrows of married life -- Young motherhood -- Starting an independent life -- Mother's poems -- Grandfather Freud -- Franz-Josephs-Kai 65 -- Rooms full of memories -- Waiting for the apocalypse -- Heroes of their own lives -- Getting settled in Paris -- Tante Janne -- Liebstes Herzenspuckerl -- Miraculous acceptance at the Lycée Jean de la Fontaine -- Twelve years would pass before I met my child again -- Baggage from Vienna -- But we corresponded for some time -- Sigmund Freud as marriage counselor -- The summer before the dark -- (Grand)parents Drucker redux -- Une drôle de guerre -- I had to do something to escape Hitler's clutches -- Reading Balzac in Castillonès -- Wartime in Nice -- Insanity strikes -- Mademoiselle Kronheim -- From Marseille to Casablanca -- The delay of the Serpapinto -- Waiting in Casablanca -- From Casablanca to Lisbon -- Lisbon -- On the Carvalho Arujo to America -- Arrival in America -- The new country -- Neither the family nor Papa have the slightest intention of sending money -- Radcliffe Summer 1943 -- It was very difficult at the beginning -- Lectures for the United Jewish Appeal -- Getting settled in New York City -- It took me seven years to finish my Ph.D. -- Neither of my children invited me to their weddings -- At the New York Hospital -- A case of false memory -- Mrs. Sigmund Freud -- Grandmother Freud's letters to Sophie and Paul -- Disaster at Valløe -- Those honorable brothers-in-law -- Let me complain -- I like to remember the good days in the Freud household -- After my Ph.D., my life took a much smoother course -- Friends at the cemetery -- Tante Janne's tragedy -- Martin's ghost -- Working until her last breath -- Mother's death without daughter and without son.
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