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America's prisons
Hanrahan, Clare.
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2006]

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203 pages : illustrations, map ; 23 cm.
A collection of essays exploring varying viewpoints on prisons in the United States, discussing such issues as whether the prison system protects public safety, who should be imprisoned, and the effects of mandatory sentencing.
Do prisons protect public safety? Prisons protect the public from violent crime / David B. Muhlhausen -- Prisons increase violence / Carolina Cordero Dyer -- Imprisoning drug offenders makes America safer / James R. McDonough -- Imprisoning drug offenders does not make America safer / Ethan Nadelmann -- Mandatory minimum sentences should be repealed / pt. I: USA Today; pt. II: Ron Walters -- Are prisons just? U.S. prisons are humane / Harley G. Lappin -- U.S. prisons are not humane / Judith Greene -- Prison system is racist / Paul Street -- Prison system is not racist / R.D. Davis -- Supermaximum security prisons are cruel / Sasha Abramsky -- Supermaximum security prisons are necessary / Thomas J. Stickrath, Gregory A. Bucholtz -- Cross-gender prisoner searches are abusive / Alan Elsner -- Cross-gender prisoner searches can be justified / Gary W. DeLand -- How should prisons operate? Privately operated prisons are beneficial / Geoffrey F. Segal -- Privately operated prisons are not beneficial / Jenni Gainsborough -- Prison labor benefits inmates / Morgan Reynolds -- Prison labor exploits inmates / Brandi Kishner -- Prisoners should be charged for prison costs / Michelle M. Sanborn -- Prisoners should not be charged for prison costs / Phebe Eckfeldt -- Faith-based programs benefit prisoners / Melissa Rogers -- Faith-based programs discriminate against prisoners / Samantha M. Shapiro -- Who should be imprisoned? Criminal youth should be imprisoned / James C. Backstrom -- Criminal youth should not be imprisoned / Lenore Anderson -- Dying prisoners should receive compassionate release / Rashida Edmondson -- Prison hospice care meets the needs of dying prisoners / Anne M. Seidlitz -- Mentally ill criminals should not be imprisoned / Joanne Mariner -- Caring for mentally ill criminals outside of prison is dangerous / Jim Doyle, Peter Fimrite -- Mothers should not be imprisoned / Jackie Crawford -- Imprisoning pregnant women harms unborn children / Ayelet Waldman.
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