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Telescopes and space probes.
Second edition.
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Chicago : World Book, 2007.
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63 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
"Introduction to telescopes and space probes forprimary and intermediate grade students. Includes fun facts, glossary, resource list and index"--Provided by publisher.
What is a telescope? -- Who invented the telescope? -- What is an optical telescope? -- How do optical telescopes make -- The invisible visible? -- Where are the largest optical telescopes on Earth? -- What is a radio telescope? -- What is an infrared telescope? -- Why would an infrared telescope tag along after earth? -- What is an ultraviolet telescope? -- What are x-ray and gamma ray telescopes? -- What is an observatory and where are they located? -- What is the largest telescope in orbit? -- How does Hubble stay in orbit? -- Why is Hubble so important? -- What is a space probe? -- What kinds of facts do space probes collect? -- For what kinds of mission would a probe be good? -- What was the space race? -- Where did early space probes go? -- When did space probes reach venus, mercury, and mars? -- How did pathfinder collect facts about Mars? -- What did Mars's odyssey discover? -- What are spirit and opportunity? -- Why were plaques aboard the probes that studied Jupiter? -- What did the Voyager and Galileo probes discover? -- What probe continues to orbit Saturn? -- What has NASA learned from stardust and near? -- What is "space junk"? -- Fun facts about telescopes and space probes.
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