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Earth and Earth's moon.
World Book, Inc.
Second edition.
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Chicago, Ill. : World Book, [2007]

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63 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
"Introduction to the Earth and Earth's moon, providing to primary and intermediate grade students information on their features and exploration. Includes fun facts, glossary, resource list and index"--Provided by publisher.
Earth: Where is Earth? -- How big is Earth -- What does Earth look like? -- What makes up Earth? -- What is Earth's atmosphere like? -- What is the weather on Earth? -- What are Earth's orbit and rotation like? -- What is Earth's water like? -- What are Earth's landforms? -- What formed the land? -- How does Earth support life? -- What are Earth's climate zones and seasons like? -- Earth's Moon: Where is Earth's moon? -- How big is the moon? -- What does the moon look like? -- What makes up the moon? -- What is the surface of the moon like? -- How does the moon compare with Earth? -- What are the orbit and rotation of the moon like? -- Why does the moon appear to change shape? -- How does the moon make the sun disappear? -- How does the moon affect Earth's oceans? -- How old is the moon? -- When did people first explore the moon? -- How did people travel to the moon? -- Will people return to the moon? -- What could we learn from living on the moon? -- Could there be life on the moon? -- Fun facts about Earth and Earth's moon -- Glossary -- Index and resource list.
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