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Logan, Michael, 1956-
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2008]

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277 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Is coal the future of energy? Coal will be the energy of the future / U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory ; Coal should not be the energy of the future / Travis Madsen and Rob Sargent ; Coal is the best energy security option / Carl O. Bauer ; Coal is the wrong energy security option / Patrick Moore ; Clean coal technology is the future of energy / David G. Hawkins, Daniel A. Lashof, and Robert H. Williams ; Clean coal technologies are not the future of energy / S. C. Gwynne -- Is coal use justified? Transforming coal into alternative fuels justifies its use / Michael Shedlock ; Cleaning up coal justifies its use / Tim Folger ; Coal cannot be made clean to justify its use / James Finch ; International partnerships justify clean coal use / Spencer Abraham ; Local environmental costs do not justify coal use / Robin Nieto -- Should coal use be banned? Banning coal promotes public health / Noel Dempsey and Dan Wallace ; Banning coal is unsound public policy / Editors, Fort Worth Star-Telegram ; A coal power ban is a necessity / William Sweet ; A coal power ban is a fantasy / Robert J. Samuelson ; Banning coal power is beneficial / Amanda Griscom Little ; Coal bans are based on indigenous benefits / Mark Hertsgaard ; Coal bans are based on bad science / Center for Energy & Economic Development -- Is coal mining safe? The coal industry will make coal mining safer / Edward Rappaport ; The coal industry will not make coal mining safer / Samuel Davidson ; Technology will make coal mining safer / Tim Thwaites ; Economic pressure makes coal mining unsafe / Jianjun Tu ; Education creates safe coal mining / Susan Case ; Coal mining safety cannot be taught / Jeff Goodell.
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