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Great minds of the western intellectual tradition
Staloff, Darren, 1961-
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Chantilly, VA : Teaching Co., [2000]

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14 videodiscs (42 hr.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. + 7 course guidebooks (22 cm.).
Presents lectures by Darren Staloff. These lectures are based on the seminar course at Columbia University on Western intellectual history augmented by additional lectures by selected "guest" lecturers. Gives a guided tour through 3,000 years of Western thought.
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Guidebooks numbered 470-1 (part 1)--470-7 (part 7).
Classical origins. Introduction -- Pre-Socratics, physics and metaphysics -- Sophists and social science -- Plato, metaphysics -- Plato, politics Plato, psychology -- Aristotle, metaphysics -- Aristotle, politics -- Aristotle, ethics -- Stoicism and Epicureanism -- Roman eclecticism, Cicero and Polybius -- Roman skepticism, Sextus Empiricus.

Christian age. Introduction -- Job and the problem of suffering -- Hebrew Bible and covenantal history -- Synoptic Gospels, the historical Jesus and the Kingdom of God -- Paul, justification by faith -- Plotinus and Neo-Platonism -- Augustine, grace and free will -- Aquinas and Christian Aristotelianism -- Universals in medieval thought -- Mysticism and Meister -- Luther, law and gospel -- Calvin and Protestantism.

From the Renaissance to the age of reason. Introduction -- Machiavelli and the origins of political science -- More's Utopianism -- Erasmus against enthusiasm -- Galileo and the new astronomy -- Bacon's new organon and the new science -- Descartes, the method of modern philosophy -- Hobbes, politics and the state of nature -- Spinoza, Rationalism and the reverence of being -- Pascal, Skepticism and Jansenism -- Bayle, Skepticism and Calvinism -- Newton and enlightened science.

Enlightenment and its critics. Introduction -- Locke, politics -- Locke, the revolution of knowledge -- Vico and the new science of history -- Montesquieu and political thought Wordly philosophy of Bernard Mandeville -- Bishop Berkeley, Idealism and critique of the Enlightenment -- Hume's Epistemology -- Hume's theory of morality -- Hume's natural religion -- Adam Smith and the origins of political economy -- Rousseau's dissent.

Age of Ideology. Introduction -- Kant's "Copernican Revolution" -- Kant's moral theory -- Burke, the origins of conservatism -- Hegel, history and historicism -- Marx, historical materialism -- Marx, on alienation -- Mill's Utilitarianism -- Kiekegaard and the leap of faith -- Schopenhauer, the world as will and idea -- Nietzsche, perspectivism and the will to power -- Nietzsche, the death of God, morality, and self-creation.

Modernism and the age of analysis. Introduction -- Jame's Pragmatism -- Freud's psychology of human nature -- Freud's discontents -- A.J. Ayer and Logical Positivism -- Max Weber and legitimate authority -- Husserl and Phenomenology -- Dewey's critique of traditional philosophy -- Heidegger, Dasein and existenz -- Wittgenstein and language analysis -- Frankfurt school Structuralism, Saussure and Lévi-Strauss.

Crisis of modernity. Introduction -- Hayek and the critique of central planning -- Popper, the open society and the philosophy of science -- Kuhn's paradigm paradigm -- Quine, ontological relativism -- Habermas, critical theory and communicative action -- Rawls's theory of justice -- Derrida and deconstruction -- Rorty's neo-pragmatism -- Gouldner, ideology and the "new" class -- MacIntyre, the rationality of traditions -- Nozick's defense of libertarianism.
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