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Williams, Mary E., 1960-
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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2008]

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228 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
How serious a problem is self-mutilation? Self-cutting is a serious problem / D'Arcy Lyness ; Not acting on the urge to cut is a serious problem / Alex Williams ; Most self-injurers do not have an increased risk of suicide / Betsy Bates ; Self-injury affects males as well as females / LifeSIGNS -- Does body modification constitute self-mutilation? Body modification is a form of self-mutilation / Sheila Jeffreys ; Body modification is often a form of self-expression / Kathlyn Gay and Christine Whittington ; Body modification is often a marker of cultural identity / Debbie Jefkin-Elnekave ; Body modification is often a sign of cultural depravity / Melanie Phillips ; Piercing and tattooing can be dangerous / Pippa Wysong ; Cosmetic surgery can be a form of self-mutilation / Virginia L. Blum ; Cosmetic surgery boosts self-esteem / Michelle Copeland -- What triggers self-mutilation? Unrealistic images in the media contribute to self-mutilation / Teen Vogue ; Cultural oppression can trigger self-mutilation / Kimberly Sevcik ; Domestic abuse can trigger self-mutilation / Cathy Fillmore, Colleen Anne Dell, and Elizabeth Fry ; A variety of factors can trigger self-mutilation / Laura E. Gibson ; People who are faking illness may engage in self-mutilation / Marc D. Feldman -- What should be done to reduce self-injurious behavior? Self-injury should be tolerated / Batya Swift Yasgur ; Some websites promoting radical body modification should be censored / Virginia Tressider ; Self-injurers should tell others about their problem / Celia Richardson ; Medical personnel need to respond to self-injurers with more empathy / Zo Eastwick and Alec Grant ; Self-help strategies can reduce self-mutilation / Deb Martinson ; Prevention strategies should be adopted / Cornell University Family Life Development Center ; Western beauty customs should be defined as harmful cultural practices / Sheila Jeffreys.
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