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Coincidences, chaos, and all that math jazz : making light of weighty ideas
Burger, Edward B., 1963-
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First edition.
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New York : W.W. Norton, [2005]

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ix, 276 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Understanding uncertainty : coincidences -- Chaos, and confusion -- Unbridled coincidences : likelihood, lady luck, and lady love -- Chaos reigns : why we can't predict the future -- Digesting life's data : statistical surprises -- Embracing figures: sensing secrecy -- Magnificent magnitudes, and nature's numbers -- Secrets held, secrets revealed : cryptography decrypted -- Sizing up numbers : how many? how big? how quick? -- A synergy between nature and number : a search for -- Pattern -- Exploring aesthetics: sexy rectangles -- Fiery fractals, and contortions of space -- From precise beauty to pure chaos: picturing aesthetics -- Through the lens of mathematics -- Origami for the origamically challenged: from paper folding -- To computers and fiery fractals -- A twisted turn in an amorphous universe: an exploration of -- An elasticized world -- transcending reality: the fourth -- Dimension and infinity -- The universe next door: the magic of the fourth dimension -- Moving beyond the confines of our nutshell: a journey into -- Infinity -- In search of something still larger: a journey beyond -- Infinity.
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