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Ready or not, here life comes
Ready or not, here life comes
Levine, Melvin D.
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New York : Simon & Schuster, [2005]

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xvi, 286 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
A nationally known pediatrician and author addresses the question of why some youngsters make a successful transition into adulthood while others do not. Parents and schools often raise children in a highly structured world, leaving them unable to cope on their own. Dr. Levine urges that schools teach "life prep, " equipping adolescents with what they will need to succeed as adults. He identifies these skills as "the four I's": inner direction, or self-awareness; interpretation, or understanding the outside world; instrumentation, or the acquisition of mental tools; and interaction, or the ability to relate to other people effectively. He offers advice for young adults who find themselves unable to navigate the world of careers.
Here life comes : how startup adults get unready for careers -- pt. 1: Getting unready. Startup adults trapped in their teens : when adolescents won't take leave -- Ones who were once revered : when idols fall -- Some who have gone astray : when wrong roads are taken -- Victims of brain neglect : when minds fall into debt. -- pt. 2: Ways to grow. Deft novices : achieving a successful startup -- Inner direction : deepening self-knowledge -- Interpretation : sharpening outside insights -- Instrumentation : equipping a mind's toolbox -- Interaction : crafting interpersonal skill. -- pt. 3: Mind growers. Parents : achieving the right mixes -- Educators : offering life prep schools -- Adolescents : conduction the experiments -- Startup adults : looking ahead from behind.

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