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Against Leviathan : government power and a free society
Higgs, Robert.
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Oakland, Calif. : Independent Institute, [2004]

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xx, 408 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Articles published previously from 1981.
Is more economic equality better? -- The welfare state -- Nineteen neglected consequences of income redistribution -- The mythology of Roosevelt and the New Deal -- Public choice and political leadership -- Bolingbroke, Nixon, and the rest of them -- What Professor Stiglitz learned in Washington -- Great presidents? -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration -- Regulatory harmonization -- Puritanism, paternalism, and power -- We're all sick, and government must heal us -- Lock 'em up! -- Government protects us? -- Coercion is not a societal constant -- Official economic statistics -- A tale of two labor markets -- Death and taxes -- A carnival of taxation -- Unmitigated mercantilism -- Results of a fifty-year experiment in political economy -- Results of another fifty-year experiment in political economy -- Pity the poor Japanese -- War and Leviathan in twentieth-century America -- Crisis and quasi-corporatist policymaking -- The normal constitution versus the crisis constitution -- The myth of war prosperity -- To deal with a crisis -- Beware the pork hawk -- The Cold War is over, but U.S. preparation for it continues -- Leviathan at bay? -- Escaping Leviathan? -- The era of big government is not over -- The bloody hinge of American history -- The rise of big business in America -- Origins of the corporate liberal state -- When ideological worlds collide -- On Ackerman's justification of irregular constitutional change -- The so-called third way -- Thank God for the nation state?

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