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Physiology at a glance
Ward, Jeremy P. T.
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Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Pub., [2005]

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136 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.
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Includes index.
Physiology and the genome -- Homeostasis and the physiology of proteins -- Body water compartments and physiological fluids -- Cells, membranes and organelles -- Membrane transport proteins and ion channels -- Biological electricity -- Conduction of action potentials -- The autonomic nervous system -- Blood -- Inflammation and immunity -- Principles of diffusion and flow -- Introduction to the cardiovascular system -- The heart -- The cardiac cycle -- Initiation of the heart beat and excitation-contraction coupling -- Control of cardiac output and Starling's law of the heart -- Blood vessels -- Control of blood pressure and blood volume -- The microcirculation, filtration and lymphatics -- Local control of blood flow and special circulations -- Introduction to the respiratory system -- Lung mechanics -- Transport of gases and the gas laws -- Carriage of oxygen and carbon dioxide by the blood -- Control of breathing -- Ventilation-perfusion matching and right to left shunts --

Introduction to the renal system -- Renal filtration -- Reabsorption and secretion and the proximal tubule -- The loop of henle and distal nephron -- Regulation of plasma osmolality and fluid volume -- Control of acid-base -- Gastrointestinal tract: overview and the mouth -- Oesophagus and stomach -- Small intestine -- The exocrine pancreas, liver and gallbladder -- Large intestine -- Endocrine control -- Control of metabolic fuels -- The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland -- Thyroid hormones and metabolic rate -- Growth factors -- Somatic and skeletal growth -- Control of plasma calcium -- The adrenal glands and stress -- Endocrine control of reproduction -- Sexual differentiation and function -- Fertilization, pregnancy and parturition -- Lactation -- Skeletal muscle and its contraction -- Neuromuscular junction and whole muscle contraction -- Motor units, recruitment and summation -- Cardiac and smooth muscle -- Introduction to sensory systems -- Sensory receptors -- Special senses (taste and smell) -- Vision -- Hearing and balance -- Motor control and the cerebellum -- Proprioception and reflexes.
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