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Great changes in Tibet.
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Peking : Foreign Languages Press, 1972.
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53 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
New look of the Tibetan Plateau, by Pasang.--Former slave becomes master of country; talk with a Tibetan worker, by Chi Che-wen.--Cadres of Tibetan nationality are maturing, by Hung Kan.--Workers, peasants, and soldiers of Tibet go to college, by Chao Yang.--Lhasa's new look, by Hsin Mao.--Changes on the Ari Plateau, by Kao Yuan-ching.--Linchih; a rising industrial base, by Kung Yeh.--Rapid advances of local industry in Tibet, by Chi Yueh-chin.--The Kesung People's Commune speeds ahead, by Cheng Wen.--Successes in agricultural scientific experiments in Tibet, by Keh Yen.--Farming and stock breeding thrive in Tibet, by Hung Nung.
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