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Festival and civic plays from Greek and Roman tales
Hofer, Mari Ruef, 1866-
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Chicago : Beckley-Cardy Company [1926]

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237 pages : frontispiece, illustrations ; 19 cm.
Dramatization.--From the Greek: Greek games and festivals. Jason and the golden fleece. Prometheus and friend of men. The labors of Heracles. The quest of Perseus. Theseus and the minotaur. Atalanta's race. Arachne and Athene. Baucis and Philemon. Damon and Pythias. Pericles and the builders of Athens. Story of Greek law makers (two short assemble plays: Lycurgus the law maker, Solon the legislator) Socrates the philosopher.--From the Roman: Pomona and Vertumnus. How Cincinnatus saved Rome. Four short assembly plays (Clelia the Roman girl scout, The choice of Coriolanus, Camillus and the schoolmaster, Trajan and the children of Rome) Cornelia the mother of the Gracchi. The story of Roman law (Three short assembly palys: King Tarquin and the sibyl, Patria potestas, The Justinian code) Caractacus and the Romans. Appendix [costume, properties, etc.]
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