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International Congress of Navigation (14th : 1926 : Cairo)
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Brussels : Executive committee [1926]
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74 pamphlets in 3 volumes : illustrations, folded plates, folded maps, folded plans, tables (part folded) diagrams (part folded) ; 24 cm
General Note:
At head of title: Permanent international association of navigation congresses.

The reports, which cover nine "questions and communications", are consecutively numbered 1-77 (including three supplementary papers numbered 15 bis, 29 bis, and 31 bis

Nos. 1, 29, 35, 61, 62 and 71 were never published.

No. 31 is incorrectly numbered 34; no. "31" is mounted over original number. In table of contents, both no. 31 and 31bis are given, but only no. 31 is bound in this set.

"Regulations, edition 1926" of the Permanent international association of navigation congresses (16 p.) bound in front of no. 28.
1. Advances made in the study and the construction of dams, in the disposition of the apparatus for the intake of water and of the adjoining navigation works.--2. Technical and commercial working of waterways. Organization of transportations--craft--incomdes and products of all kinds, rates, talls, tariffs, electric power, irrigation, etc.

1. Disposition, dimensions, arrangement and equipment of the river ports for inland navigation.--Connection with the railway net. Customs and sanitary arrangements.--Protection against ice.--2. Steps taken during the recent years in order to reduce the periods of closure on canals and canalized rivers.

1. a(Quays of great depth in tideless seas; cost.\b) Breakwaters or jetties in tideless seas; cost.--2. Fishing harbours.--General designs and dispositions for their realization.

1. Large maritime canals.--Principal dimensions.--Mainteance of the depths.--Statistics of traffic.--2. Reception and storage of liquid fuel (metallic and reinforced cement reservoirs).--Precautions against fire.--Distribution of liquid fuel in the ports.--3. Intensive suction dredging, namely in swelling seas.
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