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Essays in honor of Conyers Read.
Downs, Norton, editor.
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[Chicago] : University of Chicago Press [1953]

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xxii, 304 pages : portrait ; 24 cm
Bibliography of Conyers Read (p. xvii-xxii)--Some relationships between British inductive logic and French impressionist painting, by G. Haines IV.--The "official" scholar: a survey of certain research in American foreign policy, by R. Humphrey.--John Wesley and the American Revolution, by W.M. Wallace.--The Irish Republic, by S.M. Lough.--Notes on Scottish witchcraft cases, 1590-91, by H. Stafford.--Los Angeles diary, by E.C. Nef.--The role of the House of Commons in British foreign policy during the 1937-38 session, by M.L. Kenney.--Some aspects of London mercantile activity during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, by J.R. Jones.--The genesis of industrialism and of modern science (1560-1640) by J.U. Nef.
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